For those of you who wish NOT to take a Tour while on Vacation or those who need accommodations more excellent than a Standard Hotel Room, WTA Vacations (WTA) has the answer for you! Our Exclusive relationships with Condo Exchange, Inc (CX), our Sister Company, allow us to provide you with Five Star Gold Crown Fully Furnished Condo
Accommodations at 5,500 different Resorts around the World.

Condo Exchange, Inc is a For Sale By Owner Advertising Company for those who wish to rent &/or sell their good Timeshare weeks. These owners are still responsible for annual Maintenance Fees and Taxes on their unused weeks, so any Rental Income or Sales Proceeds allow them to offset such expenses. Therefore, WTA has Exclusive Rights to rent &/or sell these Weekly Units to our customers that do not want to Tour while on vacation or need accommodations more excellent than a Standard Hotel Room. This helps the CX customer offsets these expenses in the case of a rental or eliminates their responsibility all together in the case of a sale.

The Rental of such a unit does not include Theme Park Passes, however, is for a duration of 8 Days & 7 Nights in one location versus 4 Days & 3 Nights (as with Tour Package), and is apparently in a Fully Furnished Condo, not a Hotel, which means the price will be greater depending on the Resort & Dates of Travel.

These Condos Include Multiple Sleeping Areas, Multiple Restrooms, Separate Kitchen w/ Full-Size Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and Microwave, as well as a Separate Dining & Living Area with Multiple TVs and DVD/VCR’s. Depending on Resort and time of year a One Bedroom would cost approximately $989, a Two Bedroom $1,189, and a Three Bedroom $1,389. These prices are low end approximates. Keep in mind these accommodations retail for up to $300-$400 Per Night, so there is still a substantial savings of up to 60%.